3M Deutschland GmbH,
Health Care Business Europe
3M uses its scientific know-how to develop high-performance, life-improving technologies. With 90,000 employees worldwide, 3M has a turnover of 30.3 billion US Dollars and subsidiaries in over 70 countries. To found out more, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.1 B 01
4M MEDICAL GmbH4M Medical deals in sophisticated specialty products for the management and treatment of selected niche indications. Our particular focus is on Wound Therapy, Spinal Cord Impairments and Urological Surgery.Ü 11
ABIGO Medical ABSorbact® ensures a trusted and simple effective way for prevention and control of infections in wound management.
A Swedish innovation!
5 H 30
Abu Dhabi Bid TeamAbu Dhabi decided to present its bid for the VI Congress of WUWHS World Union Wound Healing Society 2020.
5 E 02
Acelity™Acelity™ is a global wound care and regenerative medicine company. Deliver value through cutting-edge therapies and innovative products and lead the industry in quality, safety and customer experience. For more information, please visit

5 G 03
5 H 10

Adhesives ResearchAdhesives Research is an independent developer and manufacturer of  high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives,tapes, specialty films, coatings, laminates,release liners and drug delivery technologies. Our technologies enable advancements in the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, industrial and splicing markets.5 C 22
Adiuto Med GmbHAdiuto med GmbH is a nationwide German home care company. It is your partner for nutrition and infusion therapy and for out-patient treatments such as wounds, stoma, tracheostoma, rehydration and much more.1 D 01
ADL GmbHADL GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes innovative products for the care, treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. The program “Innovation in wound care” includes advanced wound care treatment products with the name „decutastar“.5 D 11
Adtec HealthcareAdtec Healthcare SteriPlas Wound management technology utilizes gas plasma to reduce the microbial load in wounds regardless of the type or its resistance to antibiotics. Adtec SteriPlas 2 minute treatment showed marked improvement in wound healing.5 K 42
Advanced Oxygen Therapy Inc.
AOTI provides range of patented Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) Therapy devices for the treatment of chronic wounds, such as; diabetic, venous & pressure ulcers. TWO2 comes in single-use & reusable versions & can be applied at the patient’s home or in facilities.5 D 19
Advancis MedicalContinuing to innovate in the design, manufacture and delivery of cost effective Advanced Wound Care products, assisting the healthcare professional in the healing of chronic and acute wounds, whilst maintaining a focus on patient comfort.5 E 40
ADWATIS SAADWATIS SA is a Swiss company active in life science water technology for healthcare markets such as wound and dermal care. ADWATIS SA offers unequalled and safe ionized reduced
water without harmful ingredients. A new platform with astonishing efficacy which undeniably opens new paths in a wide range of OTC applications.
5 B 09
Akut - Medizinische
Personallogistik GmbH
akut… Medizinische Personallogistik GmbH is the leading expert in personnel recruitment and temporary employment for medical/care and social professions in Germany. Thanks to over 30 years’ experience in the sector, we are a strong, professional partner that you can trust.5 B 14
Allin Diätetik GmbHAllin Diätetik GmbH is a specialist in high-protein, functional food (Oral Nutritional Supplements, ONS). allin® ONS supplemented the diet in many life situations, e.g. malnutrition, nutrition in wound management.1 A 09
Andover Healthcare, Inc.Andover Healthcare Inc is committed to providing innovative compression therapy products: CoFlex TLC and revolutionary Unna Boots. New: CoFlex Haft CT.5 C 41
ARANZ MedicalARANZ Medical’s Silhouette system improves productivity and accuracy in the management of wound assessment for clinical practice and research. It offers 3D wound measurement, imaging, and documentation from multiple sites, integrated with EMR systems1 B 04
Argentum Medical LLCThe Silverlon® wound range delivers the highest Ag ion release above the MIC’s on a safe, strong and simple way, no chemical residuals or discoloration. Now available in Europe too.1 C 04
Arion InternationalArion, is an innovative minded company, producing simple and affordable solutions for care aids within international medical markets. Manufacturer and specialist of Swash®, the revolutionary concept of waterless bathing, which not only saves time & money, but also delivers benefits in terms of hygiene, improved skin condition & patient wellbeing.5 D 53
ATGmed - AT Technologies GmbHATG with its subsidiaries ATGmed and Integral Life Sciences, specializes in the development and global distribution of unique Advanced Wound Care materials and equipment. Among those ATG markets Hyaluronic acid-based AWC products, ultrasonic surgical systems, and introduces a game-changing NPWT device.1 C 03
Avanti GmbHPersonal management, Personal leasing, Project- and Interim management, Outsourcing: all support for medicin and care. Our company has 10 branch office in Germany.Ü 12
Avita MedicalAvita Medical’s ReGenerCell is a unique technology which delivers a Regenerative Epithelial Suspension (RES) that is applied directly to a wound. RES promotes healing in unresponsive and hard to heal wounds.5 C 42
B. Braun Medical AGWound cleansing and wound bed preparation, wound antisepsis, silver alginate dressings, silicone adhesive foam dressings, moist wound dressings, 2-layer-system bandage.1 D 02
Bahrain WUWHS 2020 Bid TeamThe kingdom of Bahrain aims to be the platform at WUWHS 2020 for continued sharing of best practices worldwide amongst health care professionals, wound societies and other relevant stakeholders. Visit our stand and vote for us!5 G 13
Bauerfeind AGBauerfeind AG is one of the leading manufacturers of medical aids such as supports, orthoses, compression stockings, and foot orthoses. The high-quality products, “Made in Germany”, make an important contribution to maintaining and restoring health.5 G 52
Bendalis GmbHTrue to our motto “Bendalis - Always there for you”, our priority is expert consulting and cooperative partnership with doctors, pharmacists and patients in the field of haematology and oncology.5 B 11
BenQ Materials corporationBenQ Material is established in Taiwan since 1998. With leading core-technology in material science, we focus on biomaterials development. Our products: Chitosan Hemostatic Dressing, PVA sponge, scar reduction Silicone gel and Hydrocolloid dressing.5 D 40
Bfactory Health Products B.VBfactory develops a professional portfolio for advanced wound care, i.e. Revamil®. The Revamil® portfolio consists of high-enzyme honey-based products for various stages of the wound.5 B 50
Bio Compression Systems, IncBio Compression Systems, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic compression devices for the treatment of lymphedema, venous insufficiency, wound care, arterial disease, DVT prophylaxis, post-op edema and sports injuries. Stop by our booth 5 K 43 to see our full line of products. For more information please visit our website at K 43
BioBarica: Hyperbaric SystemsBioBarica® is a global network of Hyperbaric Medical Centers. We strive to expand the availability of hyperbaric medicine, and incorporate our hyperbaric chambers to every doctor´s office, clinic and hospital, through a low investment business model with high profits.5 A 11
Biofilm Test FacilityResearch-based microbiology testing of industry products and settings. We test and visualize compounds, coatings, dressings, etc. in relevant models for biofilm killing and inhibition. We engage all projects from single preliminary tests to large preclinical trials.5 G 01
BioMonde GmbHBioMonde specialise in the manufacture and distribution of larval debridement therapy (also known as maggot therapy) products for use in chronic and hard to heal wounds.1 A 13
Biotec BetaGlucans ASBiotec BetaGlucans develops and manufactures immune modulating compounds for the human health sectors, focusing on Woulgan® Bioactive Beta-Glucan Gel, a primary dressing for stalled wounds. Woulgan® promotes healing by activating white blood cells.5 G 41
brainLight GmbHFeel your inner balance, increase your resistance to stress and relax at the push of a button. Brainlight GmbH has developed and marketed holistic relaxation systems since 1988 and has become the market leader in this field.5 C 63
BRH Medical Ltd.Novel, non-invasive portable, device combining therapeutic ultrasound and electrostimulation to promote healing of chronic ulcers. Reduces lesion size, lowers wound pain, and accelerates tissue regrowth.5 C 32
BSN Medical GmbHBSN Medical is a global medical device company and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the product segments of wound care, compression therapy, casting and bandaging.5 C 10
Bösl Medizintechnik GmbHFor more than 35 years Bösl Medizintechnik is a world leading company in developing and producing intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) therapy Made in Germany based on highly skilled clinical expertise. Export goes into more than 40 countries.5 G 50
Chemomedica Medizintechnik und
Arzneimittel Vertriebsges.m.b.H.
Innovation from tradition - CHEMOMEDICA is always a reliable partner for high-quality pharmaceutical and medical products. We offer an extensive portfolio of complementary wound care products.5 B 62
Chemviron Carbon Cloth DivisionManufacturers of Zorflex VB-K antimicrobial, conductive wound dressings and activated carbon cloth used in medical devices by some of the world’s leading medical companies for wound dressings and ostomy filters.5 H 31
Cica Biomedical LtdCica Biomedical Ltd is an independent UK-based company that provides contract pre-clinical and clinical research services to the wound management / tissue viability sector.5 K 40
CINOGY GmbHCINOGY GmbH is the innovation leader in plasma medicine. CINOGY has globally declared its conformity with EU Guideline 93/42/EEC for its PlasmaDerm® product family after passing the necessary conformity assessment procedures.5 B 13
Coloplast A/SColoplast want to make life easier for patients with wounds and simplify wound care for people who care for them. Together we achieve fewer days with wounds.5 E 20
COLUXIA LABORATOIRESGergonne Industrie / Laboratoires Coluxia offer high performance components designed for advanced woundcare applications: high MVTR PU fi lms, skin-friendly adhesives and wound contact layers, as well as a clean room conversion and packaging service5 C 12
Consept GmbH & Co.KGConsept GmbH & Co.KG is a development, sales and marketing company for „Wound- and Infection Care”! Our partner company, Biovision GmbH, is the experienced manufacturer of all our products. Our portfolio includes EPIGARD – EPIVAC - EPITRACC5 C 45
Contipro Pharma a.s.Biotechnology company focused on research and development of wound care products actively supporting healing process.5 C 20
ConvaTecConvaTec is a leading developer of innovative medical technologies in Wound Therapeutics, Ostomy Care, Continence and Critical Care and Infusion devices that have helped improve the lives of millions worldwide. 5 C 50
COVALEO International Inc.COVALEO International develops and markets innovative wound care and surgical products worldwide like XERONET and the new CACIPLIQ20 spray5 J 30
Covalon Technologies Ltd.Covalon researches, develops and commercializes new healthcare technologies that help save lives around the world. Covalon’s technologies are used to prevent, detect and manage medical conditions in the areas of wound care, tissue repair, infection control, disease management, medical device coatings and biocompatibility.5 K 13
COVERIS ADVANCED COATINGSOur inspire® brand of medical components is designed to bring high performance to moist wound dressings, for the professional and consumer market. The range includes polyurethane films, foams, conductive films and pattern adhesive coatings.5 G 20
Covestro Deutschland AGCovestro (formerly Bayer Material-Science), one of the world’s largest polymer companies, focused on the manufacture of high-tech polymer materials, offers raw materials for wound dressings/incision fi lms: high performance films, foams and adhesives.5 C 43
Crawford HealthcareCrawford Healthcare offer a range of woundcare solutions for skin protection, wound cleansing and debridement, and dressings that manage/absorb exudate and fight wound infection.5 I 30
curasonix GmbHcurasonix GmbH is a Germany based company dedicated to enhanced wound care and disinfection through unparalleled ultrasonic technology. We serve patients and healthcare professionals with decades of expertise and excellence in medicine and sciences.1 E 03
Curea medical GmbHCurea medical develops and manufactures wound dressings for all types of exudating wounds as well as highly absorbent products for the medical sector.1 E 01
Damolus GmbHDamolus GmbH is a software development company in Teltow. It mainly develops apps for Android-based, mobile devices. For example: Wundoffi ce - an app for recording and documenting chronic wounds on the go.5 F 03
DARCO (Europe) GmbHDARCO is dedicated to being the leading provider of post op,trauma and wound care solutions to the global foot and ankle community.5 G 24
 DEBRA InternationalDEBRA International’s vision is to ensure that people living with the painful genetic skin blistering condition EB have access to the best quality support and care, and to drive the development of effective treatments and cures.5 J 03
 DEKOM Engineering GmbHDEKOM – more than 30 years of experience in clinical image and data processing. The company developes IT solutions to fit healthcare professionals’ needs and improve their processes. DEKOM has extensive knowledge of DICOM, HL7 and video standards.5 K 11
Derma Sciences Europe LtdDerma Sciences, is an Advanced Woundcare company. Products include Antibacterial MEDIHONEY® Active Leptospermum (Manuka) Honey, XTRASORB®, ALGICELL® Ag, and TCC-EZ®, a highly innovative easy to use, roll-on total contact cast system to treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Charcot Foot.5 C 30
DeRoyal Industries Inc.DeRoyal’s affordable and advanced products treat all stages of acute, chronic, or burn wounds and are uniquely constructed with the latest technology.5 D 20
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phlebologie (DGP)The German Society of Phlebology is dedicated to the treatment of venous and arterial disorders and the resulting secondary conditions such as venous leg ulcers as well as to wound management.5 B 10
Diaspective Vision GmbHWe develop, produce and distribute an innovative hyperspectral imaging system (VIS-NIR) for non-invasive perfusion monitoring and the objective wound description. The system is compact, flexible, quick, inexpensive and usable in clinical practice.5 B 63
DIZG German Institute for Cell and Tissue Replacement, a not-for profit Inc.DIZG is a non-profit manufacturer of allogenic avital tissue transplants and autologous cell culture transplants. Our allograft and cell cultures help to restore health to patients with serious tissue defects.1 B 09
DM Systems’ HeeliftAvoid amputation, heal chronic wounds & prevent heel pressure ulcers. See published clinical evidence, request a sample. The Heelift® Suspension Boot.5 G 24
Don & Low LtdDon & Low is a UK based manufacturer of high performance nonwovens and laminates. With a broad variety of technologies and raw materials, we offer effective and reliable solutions to the most challenging demands. New for 2016: High stretch nonwovens.5 H 20
DTF MEDICALDTF MEDICAL designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices particularly in management of wound care with alternating mattresses and innovative electrical stimulation
dressings. It operates in France and in Germany and worldwide (distributors).
5 J 12
Eakin GmbHEakin sells high quality products for Wound, Fistula and Ostomy Care. The proven and unique Eakin Cohesive® formula for skin protection provides very good skin-friendliness, excellent absorbency, and reliable adhesion.1 A 03
EHOB®EHOB® is a leading company in pressure ulcer management and continues to be an innovator of affordable products effective in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers which have been used effectively for pressure ulcer prevention and healing therapy for more than twenty-five years.5 B 32
Eidos Life SciencesEidos Life Sciences is proud to introduce Celero Wound Healing Accellerator for the following applications: Surgical incisions, burns, and diabetic ulcers. Celero Wound Healing Accellerator reduces pain, alkaliizes wound beds, soothes inflamed areas, oxygenates cells, and accelerates growth of skin cells.5 G 08
ELvation Medical GmbHThe Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) for wound management is a non-invasive procedure to stimulate wound healing. The focused shockwaves used in ESWT reach their highest point of pressure precisely in the target tissue.5 F 02
Engelhard Arzneimittel,
GmbH & Co. KG
The research-based, international pharmaceutical company Engelhard Arzneimittel is one of the leading manufacturers in the OTC sector. The company’s core competencies include medicines for respiratory tract diseases and skin conditions.5 D 51
The European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS)The European Tissue Repair Society, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1988, aims to promote knowledge and interchange between scientists, healthcare professionals, industry and other individuals that have an interest in tissue repair of all organs.5 J 62
European Council of Enterostomal
Therapy (ECET)
The European Council of Enterostomal Therapy is a professional nursing society, which supports its members by promoting educational, clinical and research opportunities to advance the practice and guide the delivery of expert health care with ostomies, incontinence and wounds.5 J 64
 EURORESEARCH srlEuroresearch, established in 1983, operates in different areas of pharmaceutical field, with particular attention to R&D and marketing, licensing and trading of human and veterinary drugs, as well as own-branded collagen based medical devices and pharmaceutical products.1 B 05
The European Pressure Ulcer
Advisory Panel (EPUAP)
The European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel works to provide the relief of those suffering from or at risk of pressure ulcers through research, education and infl uencing pressure ulcer policy in Europe.5 E 03
Ferris Mfg. Corp. (PolyMem)PolyMem is a unique and patented multifunctional polymeric membrane dressing (not a foam dressing).
PolyMem = More Healing & Less Pain
5 A 40
Fidia farmaceutici S.p.A.Fully integrated Italian healthcare company, with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales capabilities, Fidia is world-leading manufacturer of hyaluronic acid, using proprietary, validated processes, for use in Wound Care, Mucosal Health and Aesthetics among others. Operations are FDAinspected and approved.5 I 12
FLEN PHARMA SAFlen Pharma is offering advanced solutions for professional and effective wound treatment. The first line products Flaminal® Hydro and Flaminal® Forte are representing a unique class (enzyme alginogel) for all types of wounds. Continuous development in dermatological and related fields will complement the portfolio.1 C 01
FRESCO PODOLOGIA S.L.A medical device manufacturer since 1975, Fresco has developed products for pressure offloading/management as well as decubitus ulcer prevention. Using polymer gel and other materials we bring prevention products to the market.5 B 53
Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbHFresenius Kabi is a global healthcare company that specializes in lifesaving medicines and technologies for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition. Our products and services are used to help care for critically and chronically ill patients.1 B 01
Freudenberg Vliesstoffe SE & Co. KGFreudenberg is a family-owned, global company. With a long term experience in the medical market we offer innovative solutions for medical devices in advanced and active wound care. New in the portfolio: PU-foams and bioresorbable nonwovens.1 E 04
Medical help for children who cannot be treated in their native countries. Improvement of local medical facilities in war and crisis areas. Peace education for humanitarian awareness and social engagement. The NGO is financed by donations.Ü 13
Frontier MedicalRepose® is a range of clinically and cost effective pressure area care products used in both the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. It is a well-established, highly respected and clinically proven brand having supported both clinicians and over 3 million patients since 1997.5 B 31
G&S VerlagPositioned in Cologne, the G&S Verlag is distributing the specialist journal ‘Rechtsdepesche für das Gesundheitswesen’ which devotes to legal issues within the wound care.Ü 16
Gascogne FlexibleGascogne Flexible is a leading manufacturer of advanced flexible packaging materials and release liners, providing printing solutions. Gascogne has operations in 70 countries, across 15 production plants, and a network of 2000 employees.5 B 51
Genadyne BiotechnologiesGenadyne Biotechnologies offer a full range of wound healing products, including XLR8- the smallest, lightest and quietest fully functioning NPWT system, UNO single patient NPWT offering 16 days of therapy and Nanogen a revolutionary treatment for hard to heal wounds, proven to heal even the most difficult of wounds.5 D 42
GERGONNE INDUSTRIEGergonne Industrie / Laboratoires Coluxia offer high performance components designed for advanced woundcare applications: high MVTR PU films, skin-friendly adhesives and wound contact layers, as well as a clean room conversion and packaging service.5 C 12
GHD GesundHeits GmbH DeutschlandGHD GesundHeits GmbH Deutschland - your partner for wound care, enteral and parenteral nutrition, ostomy care, continence care, tracheostomy and laryngectomy, persistent vegetative state care, oncology, pain care and special infusion therapies.5 G 10
Haromed B.V.B.A.Haromed offers a full product range for NPWT (Exsudex®), skin repair and scar treatment (SurgHydra® – SurgBarrier® – Scar Gel).5 B 15
Health & Beauty GmbHHailed as the discovery of the century in hemorrage control, Ankaferd Blood-Stopper® is a new hemostatic agent, 100% natural, with curative attitude, specialized on hemostasis disorders and chronic wounds treatment.5 H 24
Heckel Medicin TechnikWater-fi ltered infrared-A (wIRA) with hydrosun® can improve healing of acute and chronic wounds. wIRA increases Tº, pO2 & perfusion in tissue. wIRA can considerably alleviate pain, diminish exudation/infl ammation and can show better cosmetic result.5 J 02
Heltschl GmbHDevelopment, production and sale of medical laser devices (low-level laser devices) for the treatment of wound healing disturbances, for pain therapy, laser acupuncture and for intravenous laser therapy (Haemo-Laser®).5 I 63
HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KGThe traditional family-owned company HiPP is one of the leading baby food manufacturers in Europe. HiPP has also been present on the enteral nutrition market since 2006 and sells liquid food and tube feeding formulas for the
medical patient nutrition.
5 A 21
Histocell. Regenerative MedicineLeading company in regenerative medicine presenting Reoxcare: Bioactive wound dressing with unique antioxidant properties to promote the natural wound healing process in skin wounds.5 G 09
Co. KG
HOZ MEDI WERK is a manufacturer and wholesaler of traditional dressings, advanced wound care and medical consumables. HOZ provides individual logistics concepts and patients direct delivery. Electronic data interface
enables fast paperless orders.
5 G 23
HuntleighHuntleigh “Assessment & Treatment” portfolio specialises in the Lymphoedema, Oedema and Wound Care fields, providing market leading products and clinical training to meet the needs for both clinicians and patients.5 J 11
I.S.T. Intensiv-Service-Team GmbHThe I.S.T. Intensiv-Service-Team GmbH is a trading and service company based in Laichingen. It specialises in medical devices, wound care products, infusion pumps and treatment sets.1 A 08
Initiative Chronische WundenThe ICW – a German Wound Healing Society The Initiative Chronische Wunden was founded in 2002. The society counts more than 2400
members. Its major objectives are to promote knowledge of chronic wounds and to train therapists from all fields who are concerned with wound healing
5 J 10
 Inotec AMD LtdInotec AMD produces the specialist wound care NATROX® system, a small portable device that delivers high concentration pure oxygen to the wound bed to initiate and accelerate healing. It is available in over 15 countries worldwide.5 J 30
INTEGRAIntegra is the global forerunner in the development of the dermal regeneration technique with its Integra® Dermal Regeneration Template. Its know-how has given it a leadership position in reconstructive plastic surgery.1 B 02
International Lymphoedema
The aim of the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) is to develop and evaluate appropriate health care services for patients with all forms of lymphoedema in countries throughout the world. Central to framework is partnership and collaboration at a number of levels.5 J 64
International Wound Practice and Research ConferenceInternational Wound Practice & Research Alliance (IWPRA); a new model of Cooperating Wound Organisations for the southern hemisphere. An inaugural conference will be held to launch the Alliance, visit B 22
IntersurgicalIntersurgical, the respiratory care specialists, is Europe’s leading manufacturer & supplier of respiratory care products for use in both hospital and the home. The oxygen & aerosol therapy range includes two new products designed to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers on the ear.5 C 60
INVITALIS GmbHHealth products.1 B 07
Journal of Wound CareJWC, which has an impact factor and is MedLine listed, is the leading monthly international wound care journal. JWC publishes the EWMA daily newspaper and is to hold the JWC awards 2016. For more information and a copy of the paper visit our stand.5 C 70
Juzo Julius Zorn GmbHAt Juzo, we put all our experience and passion into developing medical aids thataccompany patients. Our compression garments, supports and orthoses are manufactured using state of the art technologies and offer patients a tailored solution to their specific needs.5 G 22
Järven Health CareHygienic mattresses – infection control, hygienic, no strikethrough, anti-decubitus. Positioning pillows. Rescue sheet and rescue mattresses (for evacuation).5 A 23
 Kaneka Pharma Europe N.V.As a pioneer and innovator in emerging medical indications, we have developed or market highly sophisticated medical devices to support medical experts.
SENSILASE-PAD-IQ, is an innovative
laser technology for measuring
microcirculation in patients with PAD or chronic wounds.
5 K 21
Kerecis ltd.Kerecis™ Omega3 Wound fish skin graft with natural omega3 polyunsaturated fatty acids accelerates wound healing and enables tissue reconstruction. Also from Kerecis, a range of dermatological formulations with patented mOmega3™ treating a number of skin conditions1 A 05
KLOX Technologies Inc.KLOX, a specialty pharmaceutical
company dedicated to the healing of skin and soft tissue disorders. Through its revolutionary, proprietary BioPhotonic technology, KLOX harnesses the power of light, its fluorescence and oxygen to accelerate healing.
5 D 22
LEGIO-GROUPLEGIO is an international company and leader in innovative water treatment technologies. We are a drinking water system supplier, offering both standard products and individual solutions. LEGIO - pure water - and nothing else.1 B 06
Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP)The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology is Europe’s largest non-university institute in the fi eld of low temperature plasmas. It carries out research and development from idea to prototype. One main topic is physical plasma for medical treatment.5 G 02
Levabo ApSHeel up and all up are Levabo’s new
products in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.Heel up and all up are user-specifi c disposable products with an ergonomic design. The external layer is made of soft, fl exible, heat and moisture absorbent nonwoven material.
5 K 51
LIGAMED medical Produkte GmbHThe company LIGAMED® is in the heart of the metropolitan area Nuremberg, not far from ”Medical Valley” in Erlangen. We were pioneers on the introduction of wound dressings made of PUR foam. Many manufacturers of wound dressings offer PU foam dressings in their product range. But LIGASANO® is unique because of its structure und effectiveness.5 K 20
LimbO Waterproof ProtectorsThe LimbO allows patients to shower or bath and keep their dressing, cast or PICC line 100% dry. Easy to use, comfortable and non constrictive. UK manufactured and distributed worldwide. Lower leg and elbow models also available on UK prescription.1 A 12
LINET GroupLINET Group is Europe’s largest
producer of innovative healthcare beds, antidecubitus mattresses and comprehensive solutions for hospitals and nursing care facilities. Company is active in the global market through subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, and Latin America.
5 E 10
Lohmann & Rauscher GmbH & Co KG L&R develops, manufactures and
supplies medical devices and hygiene products. With more than 160 years expertise and 4,100 employees, L&R is represented worldwide and realised a sales of 520 million euros in 2014.
5 I 50
Longterm Medical US, LLCLongterm Medical is a professional
Wound Care and Ostomy Care
manufacturer with over 20 years’
experience. Our products have been sold in North America, Europe, South
America, Australia, Asia, Middle East...
OEM customers are welcome.
5 B 30
Lymed OyLymed, awarded many times for their quality & design, manufactures
techno-medical pressure garments.
LYMED® garments are used for scar
management, compression treatments and neurological indications. Bespoke range also includes athletes & animals.
5 F 23
Medaxis AGMedaxis’ focus lies on the gentle removal of infected, damaged or necrotic tissue with the help of micro water jet technology. The debridement application with Debritom shows excellent healing outcomes5 C 31
MedCubes GmbHMedCubes GmbH is an Austrian based company which has set itself the duty to improve medical care through innovative, integrated IT solutions for patients, physicians and nurses.5 C 61
Médecins Sans Frontières /
Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V.
Médecins Sans Frontières delivers
emergency aid to people affected by
armed confl ict, epidemics, natural
disasters and exclusion from healthcare. We offer basic healthcare, perform surgery, fight epidemics, rehabilitate and run hospitals and carry out vaccination campaings.
5 A 02

Medicap homecare GmbHMedicap was founded in 1981 in
Ulrichstein/Germany. Medicap’s product portfolio today consists of certified medical devices like oxygen concentrators, oxygen conserving devices, IPPB devices and optical transcutaneous oximetry devices/tcpO2 for the field of vascular medicine, Diabetology, angiology and wound therapy.
5 K 52
Medi GmbH & Co. KGMedi is one of the world’s leading
manu-facturers of compression hosiery. medi supplies medical compression and anti-embolism stockings, lymphoedema sleeves, orthopaedic and prosthetic products.
5 J 21
Medicare Innovations
(Talarmade Limited T/A)
Medicare Innovations are proud to
introduce the Prolevo range of innovative pressure redistribution devices for use in the prevention and treatment of pressure related injuries. Comprising a number of different solutions, Prolevo provides budget conscious healthcare-led innovation.
5 G 40
Medicareplus International LimitedMedicareplus Internationals portfolio of products has grown rapidly to provide clinicians with a range of clinical and economical solutions that protects at risk or compromised skin, prevents infection, advances healing and restores quality of life for patients suffering from acute or complex chronic wounds.5 I 10
Medichema GmbHMedichema GmbH is a German medical company, specialized in research, development and manufacturing of collagen products. Our products focus on modern wound management and promote wound healing of difficult
chronic wounds.
5 A 22
Medoderm GmbHWe are committed to giving people new hope for healing by developing innovative therapy approaches on the backbone of the biomaterial chitosan. This goes hand-in-hand with our obligation to society and to the healthcare system, to offer effective as well as economically attractive treatments.5 F 10
mhp-Verlag GmbHOur journal Wundmanagement (Wound Management, published in German with extended English Abstracts) serves as an independent platform for all those who are involved in the prevention and treatment of chronic wounds.5 J 10
MiMedxMiMedx is the leading global supplier of amniotic tissue, and the Company has supplied over 500,000 allografts to date for application in the Wound Care, Surgical, Orthopedic, Spine, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmic and Dental sectors of healthcare. 5 H 25
MolecuLight IncMolecuLight is developing a handheld optical imaging device to visualize bacteria in real-time at the point of care. The technology has the potential to significantly improve outcomes by providing rapid and accurate wound
5 C 11
Momentive Performance MaterialsMomentive Performance Materials offers a complete line of silicone elastomers gels for the wound care industry and has been supplying the world’s largest companies with cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies for over 75 years.5 F 21
MSM Medical GmbHWe provide our customers in professional wound management with a comprehensive range of high-quality products. With our innovative and cost-effi cient products we are your reliable and competent partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.5 J 30
Mölnlycke Health Care ABMölnlycke Health Care is a world-leading provider of single-use surgical and wound care products for customers, healthcare professionals and patients.5 F 40
neoplas tools GmbHNeoplas tools GmbH is the manufacturer of the kINPen® MED, the first plasma device worldwide, certified for dermatology. This innovation was developed with the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology in collaboration with the University Medicine Greifswald and Charité Berlin.5 G 02
Neubourg skin care GmbH & CO. KGneubourg skin care (nsc) is a family
business and brought the fi rst foot foam cream to the skin care market in the late 90s. The portfolio covers footcare and medical skincare products based on patented technologies.
5 B 60
NittoSTRATAGEL™ Adhesive in XTRATA®
Surgical-Tapes and Transparent
Dressings reduces pain and skin
irritations. Nitto has developed new soft gel adhesive technology which solves these problems by minimizing the removal of the stratum corneum.
5 D 52
NursIT Institute GmbHThe NursIT Institute GmbH specializes in services and products for the largest group of stakeholders in the health care market – the nursing professionals. The company uses a proven model of Nursing 4.0.5 B 54
Ocean Pharma GmbH

ocean pharma - we help nature to act.

ocean pharma’s focus is medical cosmetic products for care, protection and regeneration of problem skin and nails. The patented active micro algae ingredient Spiralin® provides strong antimicrobial properties, including inhibition of MRSA.
Ü 09
Oculus Innovative SciencesOculus Innovative Sciences develops, manufactures and markets a family of products intended to treat chronic- and acute wounds and dermatological conditions.5 B 50
OPED GmbHOPED – Keeps you going. We at OPED are experts in medical technology. We develop all our orthopedic rehabilitation products in-house and manufacture them in Germany. Our goal: A mobile patient.5 H 21
Opta DataVerwaltung entlasten und neue Freiräume gewinnen – mit opta data5 J 66
Ortho-MedicoInnovative wound care treatment
through unique combination of negative & positive energy. Studies, specialized protocols and conceptual post care available.
5 F 01
Osiris Therapeutics Inc.Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. is the world
leader in researching, developing and marketing cellular regenerative medicine products in wound care, orthopaedics, and sports medicine. Commercial Wound Care products include Grafix®, Stravix and TruSkin.
5 B 23
OxMed International GmbHOxMed International GmbH is manufacturer of ostomy products and wound management products. For Germany we are the exclusive distributor and representative of the new innovative silicon technology products for ostomy care of Trio Healthcare and fashionwear for Ostomists of Vanilla Blush.5 B 12
OxyCare GmbH Oxygen and
Respiratory Technology
OxyCare is a German-based medical
device provider. Our extensive product portfolio in the fields of respiratory therapy, inhalation, sleep apnea and wound healing enable us to operate worldwide, especially in Europe. With the VibraVest under the brand name
AffloVest in USA and Canada.
5 B 02
PAUL HARTMANN AGHARTMANN is a global leader in
healthcare solutions that deliver
excellence. We strive for more effective, cost efficient and less complex wound treatment: simple whenever possible and high-tech solutions when needed. We are going further for health.
1 A 01
PepComm GmbHZIM Network-Cooperation “Development of Assist Systems for cross-sectoral wound therapy in the Healthcare Network Central Saxony”.5 G 07
 Perfectus BiomedPerfectus Biomed is a leader in
customized microbiological testing.
Within the Healthcare and Environmental sectors, we specialise in understanding the client company’s needs intimately and assessing the ideal assay methodology that will generate the most meaningful result.
5 G 12
Perimed ABPERIMED is a global provider of
diagnostic solutions for patients with peripheral vascular diseases and complex diabetic foot ulcers. Our new PeriFlux 6000 offers a unique combination of tests: ABI, toe pressure and transcutaneous oximetry (tcpO2)
5 K 22
Petermann GmbHPetermann is one of the leading
manufacturers of small aids for patient transfer and nursing care worldwide. We utilize ideas, knowledge and modern production engineering to implement customer demands for highest quality and optimum safety in caregiving.
5 E 01
PHAMETRA Pharma und Medica-Trading GmbHPPM-Fisteladapter™-Set CVS – closed/cavity vacuum sealing5 G 21
plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GMBHThe core competence of „Cold plasma“.
The high quality standard of the final product lives up to the „Made in Germany“ brand. plasma ONE is CE approved as a medical device (Class IIa) for use in surgeries and hospitals.
5 H 22
Plinth 2000Plinth 2000 the provider of unique Leg Ulcer Management solutions launches Plinth Care its patented turning bed Pressure Management System offering vastly improved patient outcomes, reduced carer workloads and reduced costs to healthcare providers.5 C 33
Polymer Science Europe GmbHPolymer Science Europe GmbH offers
many adhesive options for use in the medical device, wound care, and in-vitro diagnostics industries. P-DERM® adhesive materials include acrylics, hydrogels, hydrocolloids, and silicone gels for a variety of skin-contact applications.
5 B 20
PrincipelleIn pursuit of excellence in wound and skin care, Principelle is manufacturing technically advanced products. Practical application of inventiveness, creativity, and product support leads to surprisingly beneficial clinical outcomes. We do have a Distributor close to you!5 H 23
 ProVitaMühlen-Verlag – ProVita – The
interdisciplinary professional healthcare magazine
1 A 07
PulseFlow TechnologiesWe look forward to showing you
PulseFlowDF, cutting edge wearable
technology combining offloading and
intermittent pneumatic compression with state-of-the-art treatment monitoring software, to optimise wound healing in the diabetic foot.
5 J 30
PWG SeminarePositioned in Cologne, the PWG
Seminare are organising congresses with accompanying trade exhibitions
including within the wound care.
Ü 16
Puracyn Plus by InnovacynThe Puracyn® Plus Family of Products is a synergistic wound care management system based on an innovative and powerful science that provides a new strategy for wound care protocols.5 E 09
Raleigh CoatingsTaking your concept or design from lab bench to full production, Raleigh offers acrylic PSA or silicone gel cleanroom coating for the wound care and bio diagnostic market.5 K 41
REHACAREREHACARE is the leading trade fair for the needs of people with disabilities and care requirements, with „theme parks“, industry representatives and non-profit exhibitors. The Forum „Living with Care @Home” offers seminars about daily care questions.1 B 08
RJ LaserRJ-LASER is based on 34 years of
experience in non-invasive medical laser devices (LLLT) for biostimulation / biomodulation, wound management, tissue healing, for points and large surfaces (multi-cluster probes).
5 A 03
ROGG Verbandstoffe GmbH & Co. KGROGG ( is one of the most innovative companies in its field standing for „Health-Care Innovations“, especially in Modern Wound Care, Hygiene and Disinfection. Company services also include a broad range of bandages and dressings.5 C 40
ROHOROHO is the worldwide leader of seating solutions that prevent & treat pressure ulcers. ROHO’s technology provides skin protection & positioning in a variety of applications: from wheelchair cushions, to therapeutic mattresses, to wheelchair backs & more.5 B 61
sanaFactur GmbHsanaFactur is a manufacture of
innovations in wound care. At the same time we see a responsibility to provide knowledge and education in order to build the skill set we all need.
1 C 04
Salvatelli S.r.L.Salvatelli S.r.L. is a company that
produces orthopaedic shoes (Molliter) and dynamic Walkers for the management of the Diabetic foot ulceration or post-surgery/trauma (Optima).
5 G 24
SastoMed GmbHGranulox is a worldwide patented
medical device to signifi cantly shorten healing time for complex and chronic wounds. The oxygenation of the wound base is increased by facilitated diffusion of Oxygen via natural Hemoglobin.
5 I 20
Schülke & Mayr GmbHSchülke & Mayr GmbH is an international leader in the areas of hygiene and prevention of infection. With formulations containing octenidine we offer proven, tolerable and widely effective products for skin, mucous membranes and wounds as well as for the decontamination of multi drug resistant organisms.1 E 06
SERAG-WIESSNER GmbH & Co. KGInfusion solution and Liquid an sterile wound care, Surigical sutures, Implants.1 B 03
SIGVARIS AGThe Swiss company SIGVARIS, 100%
family-owned since it was founded, is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression garments. and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. The company was established in 1864 in Winterthur. For about 100 years, SIGVARIS produced “rubber-elastic textiles”, which it sold both in Switzerland and abroad.
5 K 12
Simex Medizintechnik GmbHSIMEX will be displaying innovative
NPWT Systems and dressing kits incl. the patented FloSure™ Ventilation Patch to help prevent stagnation and pooling and to improve exudate removal and optimizing outcomes.
5 K 31
SLK Vertriebsgesellschaft mbHThe SLK Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
develops and distributes anti-decubitus systems, products for intermittient pneumatic compression (IPC) and bariatric care.
5 C 44
Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound
Improving outcomes for patients
Conserving resources for health care
systems. Offering imaginative solutions in advanced wound dressings & NPWT for healthcare professionals.
5 J 52
SOFAR S.p.A.Sofar is a leading manufacturer of
pharma-ceuticals and medical devices that are developed with clinicians to improve patients’ quality of life aiming at becoming the preferred partner in some highly specialized therapeutic areas.
5 F 22
Springer Verlag GmbHProvides books, journals and electronic media.Ü 14
STORZ MEDICAL AGEstablished in 1987, STORZ MEDICAL AG is a Swiss manufacturer of extracorporeal shock wave therapy systems for the treatment of non-healing wounds, diabetic gangrene, ulcera (diabetic), ulcera (non-diabetic) and skin burns.5 F 24
Stryker Iberia S.L.Stryker’s Patient Care portfolio focuses on quality and prevention with a proven, performance based approach that impacts both clinical and financial outcomes for healthcare facilities. Stryker has launched over 10 new Patient Care products in the past 3 years, including a new bedframe, support surfaces with pressure ulcer solutions, and patient room furniture.5 A 50
Synapse Electroceutical LtdAccel-Heal from Synapse is a certified and patented electroceutical treatment device designed to improve and accelerate healing rates in patients with complex wounds. With 95% clinical efficacy, it significantly reduces costs for woundcare providers.5 G 11
Söring GmbH – Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW)UAW with SONOCA 185 enables safe
and selective wound debridement and biofilm disruption, whereas healthy tissue is protected, making it very beneficial for debridement and cleansing of chronic wounds and also for preparation of skin grafts.
5 C 35
The Lindsay Leg Club FoundationThe aims of the Lindsay Leg Club
Foundation (CRN 1111259) include
both the dissemination of the principles of the socioeconomic Leg Club model and implementation of Leg Clubs.
5 K 10
Thieme & Frohberg GmbHfrohberg – Klinik-Wissen-Managen is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of media, consulting and technology services in the healthcare sector.Ü 15
Thomas Hilfen – Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW)For more than 4 decades Thomashilfen has been working to make people feel good. In support of all people suffering from disease or disability our goal is your health, well-being and positive development. Our staff of specialists strives to meet a constant demand to excel in the rehabilitation field. They are experts in seating, lying, positioning, but above all - movement and mobility.1 A 10
Tissue Viability Society (TVS)The TVS is probably the world’s oldest society dedicated to all tissue viability issues. Formed in 1981 we are a UK registered charity. The Society attracts members from all health care professions involved with tissue viability.5 A 01
Trusetal Verbandstoffwerk GmbHWe offer you innovative products for
wound care, ophthalmology, incontinence hygiene but also for diagnostics. From development, through manufacture to sale and distribution– all from a single source and meeting the highest quality standards.
1 C 06
TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbHTÜV Rheinland Akademie counts among the most renowned institutes for vocational training in Germany and provides customized solutions for almost every qualification.5 E 04
Shanghai UEG Medical Co., Ltd.UEG MEDICAL offers a comprehensive range of medical devices including Dermfactor, an inorganic synthetic material for improving wound healing with no toxic and side-effects, especially for chronic ulcerative wounds.5 B 33
ULURU Inc.ULURU Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development of a portfolio of wound management and oral care products to provide patients and
consumers improved clinical outcomes through controlled delivery utilizing its innovative NanoflexTM Aggregate technology ALTRAZEAL® and OraDiscTM transmucosal delivery system.
5 B 52
Urgo MedicalURGO Medical is specialised in high tech wound care dressings and compression systems to improve treatments for both patients and health care professionals.5 B 21
Vancive Medical TechnologiesFrom our more than three decades of
expertise in adhesive chemistries we
developed BeneHold™ Absorbent Wound dressings, including BeneHold™ TASA™ and BeneHold™ Bordered with Odor Control, to manage lightly to moderately exuding wounds.
5 F 20
VATA Inc.VATA develops, manufactures and
distributes the most anatomically realistic simulation aids available for wound and ostomy skills training. The company’s products include Seymour II™, Vinnie Venous Insufficiency Leg™, Wilma Wound Foot™, Stan Stage IV Pressure Ulcer Model™ and Otto Ostomy™.
5 G 51
Vista Medicalt-rv GmbH represents BodiTrak Systems from Canada in Germany and Austria. At EWMA t-rv introduces the new BodiTrak Monitor system. A new tool for continuous monitoring the bed ridden patient and detect risks.5 J 01
Wacker Chemie AGWACKER is a globally-active chemical company with some 16,700 employees and annual sales of around €4.83 billion (2014). WACKER has a global network of 25 production sites, 21 technical competence centers and 52 sales offices.5 C 23
WCS Kenniscentrum WondzorgWCS Wound Care Knowledge Centre
aims to increase the knowledge of health professionals, in order to improve the quality of wound and skin care. WCS seeks to achieve this objectives through courses, conferences, publications and by encouraging research.
5 K 50
Welcare Industries SpaUnique wound and skin cleansing/
hydrating products proven superior for critical, chronic patients as well as patients undergoing chemo/radiotherapy
5 I 11
Welland Medical LtdWelland Medical is a British manufacturing company established in 1988 and one of the leading ostomy brands in the UK and worldwide. Welland Medical specialise in the design, development and manufacture of stoma care appliances and accessories.5 D 21
WINNCARE GROUPKey player on the European medical
equipment market, Winncare’s mission is to create the best living conditions for people experiencing a loss of autonomy in their own home or in institutions. Our teams are dedicated to offering them solutions adapted to their needs by providing high quality products and services.
5 G 42
Woundcare-CircleThe 3 Woundcare-Circle founders,
OPTIMA, Heelift and DARCO are
international market leaders providing innovative product solutions. The group permanently supports research & science as well as the advancement of foot disease management
5 G 24
WOUNDCHEK™ LaboratoriesWe are focused on the development of novel wound diagnostics products to help improve therapeutic outcomes in wound care. WOUNDCHEK™ Protease Status detects elevated protease activity (EPA). WOUNDCHEK™ Bacterial Status detects bacterial pathogenesis.5 D 41
Wounds Australia ConferenceWounds Australia Conference
The Inaugural Wounds Australia
Conference 2016 is offi cially underway! AWMA Victoria is thrilled to be hosting the Inaugural Wounds Australian Conference in Melbourne from 9-12th November 2016 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
5 B 22
Wounds InternationalWounds International is the essential online wound management resource for clinicians worldwide offering a range of downloadable and interactive educational opportunities.Ü 10
Wulff Med Tec GmbHManufacturer of mattresses and
Positioning articles made of high quality viscoelastic polyurethan-foam. Includes also process optimization and cost reduction of alternating pressure systems.
5 D 12
Wund D.A.CHWundD.A.CH is the umbrella association for wound healing associations in the German speaking countries.5 J 64
Wundzentrum Hamburg e.V.The patient is the center of the
networked organization of outpatient, stationary and after inpatient care. The “Wundzentrum Hamburg” a communication platform for all professionals around the wound as well as for patients and interested persons.
5 E 08
WZ® WundZentrenWe currently operate 10 ambulant
wound care centres across Germany. At all our sites an interdisciplinary team of a medical specialists and specialised nurses are working according to a standardized treatment process.
5 D 50
XotonicsMED GmbHInnovative products, research and
sustainable solutions. We are specialized in developing innovative products for the healthcare sector in particular optical systems to support wound documentation for quality assurance, diagnostic and medical history taking.
5 B 54
YATHAN Medizinprodukte GmbHWe are offering pressure relief products made of polymeric gel in a novel mesh structure which additionally contains skin caring oil - effective for protection and care of parchment skin, prevention of
decubitus and lining of corsets and
orthopedic prostheses.
5 K 30
Zepter Medical GmbHZepter produces and sells premium
products in over 60 countries of the
world. All products are the result of
continuous research and development. They are multi-patented and award-winning high-end products of extraordinary quality and high value for the quality of life.
5 A 20