The EWMA 2016 Conference

It is a great pleasure to announce the 26th conference of
European Wound Management Association, EWMA 2016.
The conference is organised in cooperation with the Initiative
Chronische Wunden e.V. (ICW) and the collaboration of
German-speaking wound associations WundD·A·CH.

The conference theme is:
The patient is more than a person with a wound.

He/she is a human being with needs and requirements; and rights!
According to the international declaration of human rights,
everyone has the right to health, implying that prevention and treatment of non-healing wounds must be available to
everyone. Thus, securing patients’ Quality of Life is a political
responsibility as well as a clinical one. Patients’ access to
wound care requires the collaboration of patients, professionals
and policy makers. It is a corner stone of good practice
in wound management and a fundamental objective of the
interdisciplinary team approach. EWMA calls this ‘Wound
Care From a Human Rights Perspective’.

Why attend the EWMA Conference?

The EWMA conference offers high level scientific presentations,
networking activities and it is an excellent opportunity
to exchange knowledge and experiences with international
By participating in the conference, you

  • Become updated and educated on the most recent knowledge and research within wound healing.
  • Get the opportunity to experience and meet with peer researchers and clinicians.
  • Get the chance to attend a variety of high level key sessions, free papers, hands-on workshops as well as a number of guest sessions performed by other medical societies and project groups.
  • Meet your suppliers and exchange experiences about wound healing products.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bremen,

José Verdú Soriano, EWMA Recorder

Severin Läuchli, EWMA President

Veronika Gerber, ICW President

Robert Strohal, Wund D·A·CH President