Secretariat EWMA
Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2.
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Tel.: +45 70200305

Conference venue
Messe Bremen
Findorffstraße 101
28215 Bremen

All contact with the conference centre must go through the EWMA Secretariat:   


Disabled access
All areas of the Bremen Exhibition Centre and the Bremen Congress Centre, except Meeting rooms 1-3 and Session room 6, allow disabled access.

MESSE BREMEN is located in the heart of Bremen only 5 minutes walk from the central station and 15 minutes from the international airport.
To plan your travel please see:

Conference Secretariat
The conference secretariat is located in the Foyer of Hall 5 (exhibition). Please see signs and overview map for exact location. The conference telephone and e-mail will be answered between 08:00 and 22:00 every day during the conference.
Tel.: +45 7020 0305 E-mail:

Conference Hours

Tuesday 10 May
15:00-18:00 Pre-registration: You can collect your badge and bag in Foyer Hall 4, MESSE BREMEN.

Wednesday 11 May

07:30-18:30 Registration
09:30-10:00 Opening ceremony
10:00-18:15 Plenary & scientific sessions
09:30-17:00 Commercial exhibition

Thursday 12 May
07:00-18:00 Registration
08:00-18:15 Scientific sessions
09:00-18:00 Commercial exhibition
18:00 - midnight Get-Together (free event open to all visitors/exhibitors)
in the ÖVB Arena at the Conference Venue MESSE BREMEN

Friday 13 May
07:30-14:00 Registration
08:00-15:15 Scientific sessions
15:15-15:45 Closing ceremony
09:00-16:30 Commercial exhibition

Conference APP for smart phones and tablets

The EWMA 2016 mobile app is an interactive, digital guide designed specifically for the conference. The app is available for download in App Store or through Google Play.

Taxis can drive right to the entrance of Hall 4 where the registration is located.
Taxi companies:
Taxi-Roland:         Tel.: +49 421 14433
Taxi-Ruf Bremen:     Tel.: +49 421 14014
Hansa-Funk-Taxen:    Tel.: +49 421 14141

Public parking

The multi-storey car park is open 24 hours and has a parking fee of 1 EUR per hour or 5 EUR per day.
In addition, the large car park Bürgerweide offers plenty of parking space right by the conference entrance. A parking fee of 5 EUR is applicable.

All participants and exhibitors should wear the name badge in the conference area at all times. The badge must be visible.

An ATM is located in the MESSE BREMEN, Foyer of Hall 5.

General Certificates of Attendance
You are able to print your general certificate after 14:00 hours on your last day of attendance.

EWMA European CME – European Continued Medical Education credits
The conference is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). For further information on the EACCME please see:
EWMA 2016 is designated for a maximum of up to 17 credits. In order to obtain the CME credits please log your attendance each day before 14:00 hours by scanning your badge at the logging stations in the registration area. You are able to print out your certificate after 14:00 hours on your last day of attendance.

The cloakroom is located by the registration area, Foyer of Hall 4, and is provided free of charge.



Final programme, conference bag, admission to the full conference programme including all special sessions. Participation in the Get-Together Event on Thursday 12 May is free and open to all visitors/exhibitors.

Emergency & First Aid
Paramedics are present throughout the opening hours of any event and can be contacted by phone
+49 421 3505 215.

Lunch and coffee  
Lunch and coffee can be purchased in the cafés and restaurants located throughout the venue.

Speaker Information
Please bring your presentation to the Speakers Preparation Room at least 2 hours before your presentation.

The Speakers Preparation Room is located in the registration area to the right when entering Foyer of Hall 4. Please see overview map for exact location.

The Speakers Preparation Room opening hours are:
Tuesday    10 May 15:00-18:00
Wednesday     11 May 07:30-18:00
Thursday    12 May 07:00-18:00
Friday        13 May 07:00-14:00

A technician will assist you in transferring the presentation to a central conference server. When the transfer is complete, the technician performs a quick run of the presentation in order for you to check whether the presentation runs correctly and that all parts of the presentation are copied.

We do not allow the use of personal laptops for presentations. Please bring your presentation on CD, DVD or memory stick. Unless otherwise agreed all presentations will be deleted in order to secure that no copyright issues will arise at the end of the conference.

Internet and WIFI
Free access to the WIFI at Messe Bremen is provided.
Wireless network name:    ewmadewu
Security key:        ewmadewu  
Upon clicking ok after entering the security key your browser will open automatically.
(If not, please open your internet browser manually).
On the opening Website click on “You can get a voucher by SMS”.
Please follow the further instructions.
In case of any problems, please contact the Exhibitor Service in Foyer of Hall 5.
Furthermore an Internet Café is located in Hall 5.

Mobile phones
All mobile phones must be on silent mode during the sessions.

The language for the EWMA 2016 conference is English and German.

Lost and Found
Found items should be returned to the cloakroom. If you lose something, please report to this desk for assistance.

No smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited in all the exhibition halls and in the Bremen Congress Centre. There are dedicated outdoor smoking areas available.

Electronic Posters (E-posters)
E-posters are on display during all conference days on touch screens situated in the e-poster area in Hall 5.
All E-posters are available on all screens.
E-posters should be uploaded online before the conference.
Please have your E-poster uploaded before Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 12:00 noon.

E-poster sessions: E-poster sessions are held at the 4 screens placed in the poster area in Hall 5. Each
E-poster will be displayed for 3 minutes (guided by a chair), where you are kindly asked to be present and discuss your poster with other participants. Please check programme book for specific time and place of each E-poster session.

Presenter Awards
EWMA First time presenter prize:
This award is designed to encourage people who have not previously presented their work at an international conference. To be eligible for this prize you must have submitted your abstract to EWMA and you must be a “novice presenter”. That is, you should not have presented previously at an international conference. The value of the prize is 450 EURO.

Poster prizes
The poster awards
are designed to reward the considerable work that goes into preparing a poster for presentation at the conference. To be eligible for consideration you must have a paper accepted for poster presentation at the EWMA 2016 conference.
Posters that have been submitted/presented elsewhere are not eligible for a poster prize. A panel of judges will attend the poster sessions, and authors are strongly encouraged to be present at these sessions in order to answer questions concerning their work. The panel will award 3-5 poster prizes. The value of each poster prize is 200 EURO. Your accepted poster will automatically be considered for this award, provided that it has not previously been submitted elsewhere (all categories except Case Studies and Professional Communication).

Social Events
Thursday 12 May 2016 when the programme ends: Get-together Evening! held at the conference venue MESSE BREMEN, in the ÖVB-Arena, next to the CCB Conference Center Bremen.
We will this year have the pleasure of welcoming all delegates and exhibitors to a fabulous Get-together Event when the scientific programme ends on Thursday 12 May 2016.
The event is open to all delegates and exhibitors. No registration needed to attend – just show up.
Use the opportunity to network with fellow delegates.  Free rustic-style standing snacks/food and drinks (and cash bar after that) with live music (and the possibility to dance later on). The event is expected to end around midnight.