EWMA workshops are interactive and give participants an opportunity to address and discuss particular aspects of the themes of the individual sessions.

The workshop lectures are typically held in a smaller setting than key sessions and free paper sessions. The contents of the workshops are a mix of theoretical and practical approaches.


Workshops at EWMA 2016 are:

    ·         Wound Assessment

    ·         Diabetic foot – assessments, offloading and footwear

    ·         Clinical trials – are they worth performing in the diabetic foot? What is the recent evidence?

    ·         Skin care in leg ulcers

    ·         Pros and cons of in vitro and in vivo model systems to study biofilm infections

    ·         Debridement

    ·         Military wounds

    ·         Electro stimulation

    ·         Pain management in patient with wounds

    ·         Cochrane

    ·         Wound centres and wound centre endorsements

    ·         Economic downsizing - importance of organization to ensure adequate care to chronic wound patients

    ·         How we do that: practical approach to clinical practice

    ·         How to write an abstract and how to make an E-poster

    ·         Getting published

    ·         Cooperating Organisations workshop