Opportunities for tissue engineering in wound care

Advanced wound care products would ideally regenerate tissue in such a fashion that both the structural and functional properties of the wounded tissue are restored to the levels before injury. During the past few years, several options have become available to treat hard-to-heal wounds with biologically active tissues that lead to improved tissue regeneration. These include cellular and acellular tissue-engineered products which modulate the wound healing environment and/or provide scaffolds for the tissue rebuilding. Some principles act on a cellular level and include the activity of stem cells. However, the hope that chronic wounds can be easily healed with the application of artificially created skin substitutes has not been fulfilled yet.

Learning objectives
- to understand opportunities of tissue engineering in wound care
- to gain understanding of the impact as well as the limitations of cell therapy in treatment of  hard to heal wounds

•    New opportunities with tissue engineered products
•    Stem cells for wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers
•    Tissue engineering for burn wounds
•    Improved patient care with tissue engineering?