Individualized WOUND diagnostics (ICW)

Chronic wounds may be as different as individual persons. Even if there are many similarities in various types of wounds, we learned for recent years from different scientific studies that not all patients have the same benefit from comparable therapies. Until today promising therapies are often used independently of specific diagnostic results in a variety of patients. In wound care currently the therapeutic principle "trial-and-error” is still widespread. Therefore it seems wise to carry out an individualized diagnostic before initiating a specific, targeted therapy.
Unlike many other disciplines of medicine, particularly in oncology, today for therapists are only a few options available for a specific diagnostic in wound care. Examples for centrally important aspects are the matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)-, pH-value- and microbiome-diagnostic, which are the first topics that can be differentiated presented at this ICW-Key session. It is intended to show what we know to date about these areas in wound diagnostics and in which direction the journey of an individualized diagnostic will go into the future.

This key session is in German with simultaneous translation into English