To register your staff or business associates, please register through the link HERE.

You have 2 free exhibitor/staff registration per 9m2 booked floor space.

The cost for additional exhibitor badges is €125 + VAT before May 1st 2016.

After May 1st, the price is €250 + VAT.

The maximum number of exhibitors is 4 exhibitors per 9 sqm. Excess personnel must be registered as participants.

Exhibitor badges do not give access to the scientific programme, except for your own satellite symposium.

Due to security regulations, all personnel must be registered and wear official badges at all times. All exhibitor passes should be registered through the online registration system.We recommend using Firefox or Google Chrome as the registration system works better in these browsers.The first time you log in to the system you will be asked to enter your email address and to create an account.



To register:
• Click the module/button ‘Individual Registration’
• Click the button ‘next’ to start the registration process
• Click the button ‘I want to register myself’ or if you are not attending but want to register a colleague click the button ‘Register someone else’ (requires contact details; email, company name, address etc. of the person you wish to register)
• Choose the participant type ‘Exhibition pass’ from the drop down menu, it is mandatory that you enter stand number, then click the ‘choose tickets’ button
• You will then reach the page where you add the relevant registration fee
(choose between Exhibition only or Free exhibitor pass) to your "shopping basket", and click the green ‘continue’ button. In the next step you will be able to edit the invoice address if needed. You will now have one of the following options:
1) If you registered for a Free exhibitor pass:
Fill in your companies VAT number and click the green ‘continue’ button.
2) If you registered for Exhibition only:
Fill in your companies VAT number and choose the payment type from the drop down menu and click the green ‘continue’ button. If you choose credit card (VISA or MasterCard only)
you will be guided to a secure payment platform
• Now you will see a summary of your registration, click the green ‘finish registration’ button. You will then reach the final page of your registration where you are able to print a copy of your invoice or receipt. You will also automatically receive an email confirmation, and a copy of the invoice or receipt will be attached
• Click the ‘desktop’ button if you wish to register further participants and follow the above steps again