International Conference of the Veterinary Wound healing Association

Theme: “Fighting Wound Infections”

Are you a veterinary surgeon or experienced nurse with a passion for wound management? Or are you from the human field and interested to experience what is going on in veterinary wound healing science, and to be inspired by another point of view??

Join the Veterinary Wound Healing Association (VWHA) at EWMA 2016, May 12th for the cutting edge of veterinary wound management science.

Our theme of “fighting wound infections” will offer information about the problems with bacteria in wounds, which we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice: What species of bacteria are found in veterinary wounds? How can we target treatment? Do we use antibiotics, disinfectants or alternatives? What is the situation in Germany with multi drug resistant bacteria in veterinary practice.

New research about a variety of subjects in the field of veterinary wounds / wound management is presented during the short communication session in the afternoon.

Come and join our internationally renowned speakers as we share with you the secrets of wound treatment.

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About VWHA:

The Veterinary Wound Healing Association was established in 1996. The Association has the following aims:

·    To promote education and research into the scientific basis and the clinical management of wounds of whatever aetiology in the veterinary sciences.

·    To establish training courses together with national and international conferences to discuss and promote aspects of wound healing research.

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